Introducing the 1 Girl Revolution Podcast

For many years, I’ve had a dream of bringing something called “1 Girl Revolution” to life. The whole idea behind it is that each and every one of us has the power to change the world through our lives. I decided to focus on women because, well, I am one. But also because I’m tired of the near-constant politicization of women and the victimization culture. I’m tired of women being taught, and often encouraged, to define themselves by something that happened to them — instead of who they are as a person. While everything that happens in our lives is a part of our story, and stories matter, these things don’t define us. I want to dig deeper.

With this show, we’ll tell women’s stories. Sometimes things that happened to women and how they rose above. Other times, where women used their gifts and talents to bring light into this often dark world. And we’ll tell stories of women who are changing the world through their lives in big and small ways.


Every woman has a story. Every woman has a voice. 

Every woman has the power to change the world through her life.

Every woman is a 1 Girl Revolution.

This is my story:


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